5 Alluring Colour Combinations in Kurta Lehengas for Women

With new fashion trends emerging, lehengas which were previously paired with only cholis are now being paired with kurta and anarkali. The lehenga kurta sets for women have become a huge style statement lately. They have become a perfect choice for any or every occasion and are the most chosen outfit in ethnic wear for women. But choosing the best colour combination for your outfit is often the trickiest and the hardest part, that we all have to agree on. Worry not because we have got you covered for that!

Below we have listed the five appealing colour combinations in kurta lehengas that are sure to look good no matter the occasion:

1. Hot Pink and Orange
Orange is a bright, vibrant, and eccentric colour and kurta lehenga suits having an orange palette will integrate well with the cultural setting of an occasion. Hot pink on the other hand is yet another lively colour. A combination of Hot Pink and Orange colour for the kurta lehenga will give you a bold and daring look. Both these colours sit well with each other and will look fantastic. A perfect choice for daytime occasions and events.

2. Maroon and Gold
Another appealing combination for kurta lehenga is Maroon and Gold. These two colours have a timeless appeal. Maroon is a dark, rich, and mysterious colour that looks classy on any woman. Maroon has a bit of red colour in it and so is a favourite amongst brides for their wedding day. Maroon and gold coloured lehenga is suitable for both, daytime and night-time occasions. This Maroon and Gold Mughal Velvet Kurta Lehenga Set comes with zardozi motifs, gold silk brocade trail lehenga and a gold dupatta.

3. Sky Blue and Pastel Pink
If you want a subtle look for an event, sky blue and pastel pink is the go-to choice. Both these colours complement each other. Sky blue is an earthy colour and thus, soothing to the eye. The Sky Blue Trail Anarkali Lehenga Bridal Set is so calming to look at! To complete the look, you can accessorise the sky blue and pastel pink kurta lehenga with dark-coloured jewellery.

4. Peach and Sage Green
The Peach and Sage Green is a trending colour combination in the colour palette for kurta lehengas. These two warm tones sit well with each other perfectly; ideal for daytime and outdoor occasions and events. This combination is a bride’s favourite as well. A lot of brides are opting for a light and soft look for their big day.

5. White and Gold
This by far is the most uncharted colour combination for kurta lehenga. But a lot of celebrities have been rocking this colour combination. A lehenga with a base colour of white and golden patterns, embroidery, or zari work looks regal and majestic. The ways in which white and gold lehengas can be designed are golden tapered patterns and broad borders, layered patterns or golden chikankari embroidery.

Now, these were a few colour combinations in kurta lehengas that we absolutely love and are sure will look good on any woman. You can visit our website or store - ‘Jiya by Veer Design Studio’, to explore a wide range of occasion wear like kurta lehenga sets or even a saree gown or a party wear gown for women. We also offer breathtaking bespoke bridal wear and men’s occasion wear too that will appeal to all fashion enthusiasts with contemporary tastes!
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