Abhay Bandi Jacket Set
Sky blue silk bandi embroidered in cream resham floral motifs, paired with a cream silk kurta and churidar.
₹ 19,800.00

Jiya by Veer Design Studio: An Ideal Destination to Get the Finest Bandi Set

A timeless classic that is currently a major fashion statement is the Bandi Jacket, sometimes referred to as the Nehru Jacket or the Modi Jacket. Originally known as ‘closed neck coats’ these chic jackets ultimately gained fame as ‘The Nehru Jackets.’ Ironically, Nehru himself never wore the Nehru Jacket. Eventually, men started favouring this modern kurta pajama with jacket for wedding over the typical Sherwani or Achkan.

Even though they were highly regarded while Nehru was in power, their appeal waned in the 1980s. But thanks to the Prime Minister himself, these coats have made a miraculous comeback as Modi Jackets or Bandi sets. Witness the exceptional traditional assortment of bandi jackets at Jiya by Veer Design Studio. These jackets are not only classy and classic, but also incredibly versatile. The right styling allows you to pair a Bandi jacket with any appearance, from formal to casual.

Evolution and Popularity 

The jacket in use earlier was more of a short shirt worn over a longer kurta and beneath a specific type of garment that was solely worn by males. On a global scale, the Nehru Jacket, which dates back to the 10th century, has withstood the test of time and managed to enjoy enormous popularity. Of course, the apparel has changed as it transitioned from being quite formal and traditional to being very casual and modern. Nevertheless, the type of diversity produced in Nehru jackets depends on the event, time of year, and target market for whom it is produced. However, the Nehru jacket's fundamental design has not changed throughout time. The mandarin collar and centre buttoning on the straight-cut shape give the couture a formal yet beautiful appearance. And such expertly crafted are our bandi sets, or modern kurta pajama with jacket for wedding, at Jiya by Veer Design Studio.

Blend of Comfortable Fabrics

During its early years, Khadi was primarily used to make the jacket. These days, materials including linen, cotton, tussar silk, and velvet are used to make it. The Nehru jacket or bandi set features vibrant designs and patterns due to the shifting needs of the apparel industry and the changes made by India's varied cultures. For instance, embroidery has given the fashion statement a unique face. Bandi sets can also be an ideal pick for weddings or other events as they are now adorned and embroidered with glittering threads in gold, silver, and copper. There are now bandi jackets that have been customised for modern Indian men who experiment with their wardrobe on a daily basis. You can experience comfort and class in one with our bandi sets at Jiya by Veer Design Studio. 

Occasions and Style to Adorn a Bandi Jacket

There is not a particular occasion to adorn a bandi set. These sets are versatile and can be adorned for several events including weddings, receptions, occasions, and many more. The bandi jacket creates a formal and elegant image when worn with a formal shirt and pants. Traditional kurta pajama sets with jackets and sherwanis or dhotis added create an ethnic and aesthetic look. Bandi ensembles look best when well-fitting pants are paired with a casual shirt.

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