A Guide to Picking the Perfect Saree Gown for Special Occasions

Saree and gown are an ideal choice of attire for women for special occasions. A saree is a traditional outfit and a gown is a western outfit, while a saree gown is a fascinating fusion of both these amazing outfits. Saree gowns are gowns with pre-stitched and have a pleated pallu just like a saree would have. Saree gowns give an Indo-western look and have taken the fashion world by storm. We at Jiya by Veer Design Studio offer a trendy saree gown and the latest engagement dresses for the bride and other ladies too.
For the past couple of years, the saree gown has been a favourite amongst women for two reasons: Firstly, wearing a saree can be a hassle and not to mention the hardship of draping and adjusting the pallu and pleating. Secondly, the gown gives a more western look and is not chosen if one wishes to have a traditional look to their attire. So, a fusion of saree and gown came into the picture to ease the woes of all women.

Things to look out for when choosing a saree gown:

The pattern and style of a saree gown are the most important, but you need to make sure it is breathable. The material of the saree gown should be comfortable and not stifling. We go to occasions for having fun and to enjoy. No one likes to be in an ill-fitting and suffocating dress which makes them unable to sit or stand because the material is too stuffy. So, you should always make sure that the material of the saree gown is light and breathable. Just like our Anamika Saree Gown which comes in chiffon silk and is pre- pleated, light, and airy with no discomfort.

Fabric and pattern
The fabric and pattern are vital elements in choosing a saree gown. The pattern should be just like a gown. As for the fabric, it should be flowy and should also go well with your body shape. It should give enough room to be easily manageable. You should avoid cotton, as it does not give the desired flow that a saree gown is supposed to have. Also, it will make you look stuffy and that is the last thing that any of us wants to look unappealing during an occasion.
The best-suited material for a saree gown is georgette, chiffon, or crepe. These materials are light in weight and manageable. The pattern should be kept plain or with symmetrical prints, creating just the right look for special occasions. Saree gowns often resemble an Anarkali dress for wedding and other occasions, so the latter is also an ideal option for ladies who prefer to stick to the classics.

After fabric, comes another important factor, i.e., choosing the right colour. There is no definite colour that a saree gown should have. But you need to make sure no matter what colour you choose, it should go well with your skin tone and the type of occasion you want to attend. As for special occasions like a wedding, bright colours will be a perfect fit. Just like the Berry Maroon Stitched Saree which comes in vibrant maroon colour with an embroidered belt.

At Jiya by Veer Design Studio, we take pride in helping our clients in choosing the right outfit for any occasion whether it be buying a saree gown or a lehenga saree online or in-store. We also assist in creating a custom-made bridal outfit or occasion wear for the entire family.

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