Designer Saree Gowns vs Lehenga Sets: What’s the Better Bridal Attire for You?

Designer saree gowns and Lehenga sets both have an indelible sway over brides-to-be. Nowadays, most Indian brides are experimenting with their bridal appearances to get a unique look. They are spending a lot of time choosing their big-day attire. For a traditional look, designer lehenga for wedding is a favourite among brides and for the fusion attire saree gowns are stealing the show.

We understand the struggle brides-to-be face while picking the ultimate bridal ensemble for the wedding day. Choices may differ from individual to individual, regardless of colour, designs and comfort. Furthermore, if you are still confused this guide will help you to choose the perfect attire for your special day. You can also discover a wide range of outfits to choose from on our website – ‘Jiya by Veer Design Studio’.

Things To Know Before Selecting Your Wedding Day Ensemble

Picking a bridal outfit is a challenging decision for any woman because it is a big day, and she wants to look her best. Here is a list of things that you need to know about these two big-day outfits:

Traditional or Fusion look
If you want a traditional look on your big day, you can opt for a lehenga. Lehenga are among the most chosen bridal attires. However, if you are a fan of fusion fashion, a saree gown gives you a lot more options for experimentation. In saree gowns, you get plenty of options for western fashion with a desi twist. Saree gowns are not only easy to carry but also have pre-stitched pallu and have an Indo-western appeal to it.

If you choose an outfit that is light in weight, both bridal lehenga and saree gown are very comfortable and easy to wear. Bridal lehenga becomes quite tough to carry once you go with heavy lehengas. Saree gowns come in handy for other occasions also.

Bridal lehengas are quite expensive as compared to saree gowns. If you are hunting for a budget-friendly outfit then a lehenga won’t be suitable for you; saree gowns are a cost effective alternative in comparison. You can check out the latest and trendy collection for brides-to-be in numerous designs and patterns that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Heels or Flats
If you are a heel lover then both lehenga and saree gowns are for you but choice differs from person to person. Some brides are more comfortable in flats whereas some love adorning heels. Bridal lehengas rarely give you the option of flats then saree gowns. So, choose accordingly!

Jewellery Options
When it comes to jewellery, lehenga gives you more options to experiment with jewellery. In saree gowns there aren't many jewellery options, and it'll be difficult to match all the jewellery with this attire.

Brides-to-be, no matter what bridal attire you choose to go with, you are gonna look exceptionally stunning. Pick the silhouette which gives you a unique look on your wedding day without compromising on your comfort. Apart from this you can discover ethnic wear for women like kurta sets, party wear designer saree and many more on our website.
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