Saree Gowns: The Glamorous Indo-Western Attire for Contemporary Women

Sarees and gowns have been around in fashion for a very long time. Saree inclines towards traditional look and gowns towards contemporary look. For formal occasions, both of these are opted by women. We, at Jiya by Veer Design Studio, have a plethora of choices for sarees and princess gowns for Indian wedding reception or other events.
For many years now though, a lot of fashionistas, designers and the like have been going back and forth about what to choose – sarees, gowns - or both. When we say both, it means the new, in rage trend that is seen in women’s clothing. Yes, you guessed it! Saree Gowns. These saree-cum- gowns have been taking the internet and fashion world by storm.

Let’s dive deep into how this saree gown got curated. Follow along:

Saree as we all know is described as ‘six yards of elegance’ and is rightly so. This traditional Indian outfit when worn the right way, gives the wearer the confidence and poise that any woman will crave. Be it a simple saree with minimal designs or a party wear designer saree, carrying a saree look is not an easy task, especially with all the metres of fabric it comprises. The downside to saree is the effort it takes to wear it - the draping, adjusting the length of the pallu, and finally the pleats.

Gowns are easy to wear for formal events and the best choice for women who can’t handle the lengthy saree fabric. They give a more western look and feel. Carrying the gown look is much easier as there is no pallu or extra fabric to take care of. Hence, gowns have become a favourite amongst new-age women.

Saree Gowns
We read about saree and gowns and the choice of one over the other has led to its evolution into saree gowns. Saree gowns are the Indo-western attire, a blend of saree and gown. It is a perfect choice for women who wish to drape a saree but without the hassle of actually draping it.

Origin of Saree Gowns
Saree gowns have been in style in recent years but their early appearance can be traced to a person who is not an Indian and was first spotted wearing them in the late 1980s. That person is none other than the late Princess Diana. The fuchsia-coloured gown was designed by Catherine Walker, a London-based designer. Saree gowns resurfaced again in the year 2011 when Paris Hilton was on her India tour. This made the world know about saree gowns yet again.

Advantages of Saree Gowns
With the entry of saree gowns, there has been a transformation of traditional saree into modern dresses. Saree gowns are hassle-free outfits, as they are pre-stitched saree like the Anamika Saree that can be worn in a jiffy without any worries for draping, adjusting of pallu, and pleating. All you need to do is to zip it up and set the pleated pallu.
Saree gowns have been making news at the international level. Many international celebrities have donned this look for events and galas. Indeed, with saree gowns, Indian culture is being embraced and welcomed worldwide.
At Jiya by Veer Design Studio, we keep up with the trend and offer the most trending saree gowns that would look perfect for any occasion. Visit our website or store to check out our saree gown collection or other trendy costumes like the party wear traditional crop top lehenga.

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