4 Luscious Fabrics in Saree Gowns That No Woman Will Be Able To Resist!

The word ‘saree’ practically defines traditional Indian clothing. It has been an essential item in women’s closet for years. Even though sarees have their own distinct identities, they have been modified and evolved to fit the most recent fashion trends in the market. Women have draped sarees for many years, not just in daily life but also for formal gatherings, weddings, festivals, and other important occasions. You can certainly complement your individual style by having your party wear designer saree or a saree gown. As is well known, saree fashion has been altered to correspond with the newest generation's trends. Chic yet understated party wearing Indowestern is a better approach to combine tradition and modernism.

We at ‘Jiya by Veer Design Studio’ bring to you several designs, patterns and fabrics in saree gowns that are worth having a place in your closet.

The Following Are 4 Enticing Fabrics in Saree Gowns:

All women are falling in love with the stunning organza saree gowns that have recently been added to the saree family as one of the latest fashions. They differ slightly from saree gowns made of crepe or chiffon cloth, while being significantly lighter. At Jiya by Veer Design Studio, you can choose from a beautiful selection of saree gowns in organza fabric. Saree gowns look stunning when made from any of the three types of organza fabrics: embroidered, printed, and plain solid.


Silk is one of the most expensive and difficult to find materials, yet it is a wonderful material for making all kinds of saree gowns. There are several types of silk available, each of which is a unique piece of art in its own right, including velvet silk, pure raw silk, banarasi, and others. However, a party wear Banarasi lehenga or even a silk saree gown are quite popular in India due to its fine weave and superb craftsmanship. On our website, you can explore a vast assemblage of saree gowns in silk that were all made by expert weavers who knew how to turn them into exquisite works of art.

Satin is a smooth material that effortlessly combines elegance and glitz. It is a durable, wrinkle-free fabric that gives saree gowns a beautiful fall and a modern, chic appearance. Saree gowns made of satin fabric have a gorgeous appearance and the ideal amount of shimmer for wearing as evening wear. This is one of the ideal fabrics if you wish to showcase your inner fashionista with grace and perfection.


One of the most often used materials for saree gowns is georgette. A saree gown seems fragile due to the georgette fabric's light effect. This material brings out your contours and offers you a more elegant appearance. Georgette fabric is very adaptable; you can adorn it to formal events like weddings or big fancy parties.

Regardless of the occasion or day, wearing the proper fabric will ensure that you never seem out of place and that you always feel comfortable. While you get in a dilemma of deciding what fabric you want to use, you are in the right place. At Jiya by Veer Design Studio, you can take your pick from an array of fabrics, embellishments, hues, and more in saree gowns and other ethnic wear for women.

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