Sherwani or Kurta Pajama: Choosing the Perfect Traditional Men’s Outfit

Finding the best ensemble in time for various festivals, occasions, or wedding functions can be tiresome. For men, making this choice is quite easier than for women. Men’s garments change with the seasonal trends. However, there are certain timeless designs. For nuptial celebrations, the classic marriage wedding sherwani is one such trendy item. It’s a favourite with many designers, making it one of the successful men’s fashion clothing.

Sherwani is a very ancient garment associated with Mughal royalty. It has a rich look and royal silhouette. This clothing item is usually fabricated from significant brocades, woven with stunning silver and gold work designs. They have a dashing cut and well-fitted look. It is a coat-like garment that is usually long and worn over a kurta and churidar.

Kurta Pajama
One of the other options in ethnic wear for men is a kurta pajama. This item has become something of a fashion statement in recent times. It is usually found in earthy shades of beige, brown, and white. A kurta is a traditional kind of clothing worn by both men and women. The youngsters who like to wear it with jeans instead of pajamas have made this clothing item very popular.

Below we have listed a few tips on how you can decide between a sherwani and a kurta pajama:

While Kurtas are ideal for celebrations and family festivities, sherwanis can be worn for your own wedding or of those close to you. The whole point of dressing traditionally is being comfortable in your look.
Example: Kunal Jaisingh - Teal and Navy Blue Embroidered Sherwani.
This Teal blue raw silk sherwani is embroidered with resham and floral zardozi. It has a navy silk churidar.

Couple Coordination:
You can coordinate your outfit with your partner, which helps you both look great in pictures and at the actual event, too. If your partner chooses to wear a lehenga for the event, a sherwani is perfect for you. The kurta pajama will run well with your coordinated looks if your partner chooses to wear a salwar suit or an anarkali.
Example: Sea Green - Turquoise Ombre Sherwani paired with Sea Green Threadwork Lehenga Set.
This Sea Green Turquoise ombre raw silk sherwani has a gold zardozi embroidery. It is paired with a beige silk churidar.

Event weather:
Donning a sherwani instead of a kurta pajama would be preferable if the event is held on a wintry evening. Putting on a sherwani will serve two purposes: you’ll be both dressing according to expectations of the event and also keeping yourself from freezing.
While a modern kurta pajama with jacket for wedding is a great choice for the event, ensembles for marriage functions need a certain upgrade and this is where the sherwani comes into the picture. A sherwani is usually buttoned and it normally reaches the knees when worn over a kurta, making men look taller and more handsome.
If you are still confused between sherwani and kurta, we at Jiya by Veer Design Studio will gladly assist you in making the best choice, keeping your likes and comfort in mind. You can browse our website for a varied catalogue of festive clothing items for men.
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