6 Popular Shades in Sherwani for Grooms That Are Ruling 2022

The options might be extremely limited when it comes to traditional dress for men, but it goes without saying that the sherwani is a legendary outfit for weddings. So all future grooms, if you haven’t started shopping yet, don’t leave the task to anyone else, but do it yourself. To make your task a bit easy, we give you the shades that have been a popular colour choice for sherwanis for the year 2022.
At Jiya by Veer Design Studio you can find a catalogue of men’s ethnic outfits to adorn for weddings like sherwani and bandi sets.

Here are the 6 popular shades for you to choose from for your wedding sherwani:

1. Dusty Pink
Gone are the days when the colour pink was considered feminine and men strayed away from this colour. Trust us, your bride will appreciate it when you’ll wear the colour pink. A dusty pink shade in sherwani looks subtle and pleasant to look at. Grooms can ask their brides to match the colour with them or to choose a contrasting colour for the wedding day outfit.

2. Sea green and Turquoise
Green is an earthy colour and a lot of nature-loving grooms are opting for shades of green for their sherwani. The Sea Green - Turquoise Ombre Sherwani on our website is made of raw silk and has gold zardozi embroidery, paired with a beige silk churidar. The sea green- turquoise combination is like a breath of fresh air compared to other common colours.

3. Royal Blue
Now, this colour will definitely make any groom stand out. A royal blue sherwani with or without golden embroidery would look so good. Royal blue is a vibrant colour and will make you look dazzling in your wedding sherwani.

4. Lavender
The lavender colour is a light pinkish-purple colour and denotes calm and peacefulness. It looks very soothing to the eyes and does not look flashy. Opting for this neutral colour for his marriage wedding sherwani, the groom will definitely stand apart. You can match the colour with your bride or let her choose a darker shade for her outfit, to go along with yours.

5. Mellow Yellow
Mellow yellow is neither mango or lime, it is a pale eye-catchy colour that radiates warmth. The colour yellow is associated with happiness. A sherwani in mellow yellow colour with embroidery work in green or another dark colour will add a fantastic touch to its look.

6. White
White is a classic and timeless colour shade for sherwanis. Wearing white is undoubtedly the safest and the best colour choice you can make if you want to seem royal at your wedding. At a large Indian wedding, the white sherwani will look grander. Further, sherwanis come in various fabrics and designs like textured fabric or embossed floral motifs, to name a few. You can choose the fabric, style and design to suit your tastes.

These are some of the popular shades in a sherwani that has been rocking this year. But make sure you choose the colour that fits your taste and most importantly consult your wife-to-be before buying one. Along with sherwani, you can find bandi sets too on our website. Bandi set is nothing but a modern kurta pajama with jacket for wedding and other occasions as well.
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