Fascinating Colour and Design Trends for Men To Try in Bandi Sets

As India's first prime minister and a key player in leading his country towards freedom, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is a well-known figure. He was popular for his excellent sense of style too. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was always seen wearing an Indian-style cap, kurta pajamas, and a jacket with cut sleeves. The jacket he used to wear is now called the Nehru jacket or Bandi set. This modern kurta pajama with jacket for wedding is also an impressive attire for other occasions or events. It has become a classic style in ethnic apparels for men. The jacket features a mandarin collar and buttons at the front.

This guide will assist you in rocking a bandi set style whether you intend to wear it to a casual occasion or an office party:

Based on Colour:
1. Full Black
Put on a black Nehru jacket over a black kurta and pajamas in the dhoti style. This full black look is ideal for a wedding. To complete the look add dark brown boots.

2. Dark Coloured Bandi Set
A vibrantly coloured kurta and pajama will look great with the bandi jacket's dark tone. It would be even better if the jacket features some type of floral pattern.

3. Tri-Color
A tri-colored Nehru jacket must seem a little extra to you. You are definitely correct, though. Here, the term "tri-colour" refers to three distinct outfits in three separate solid colours. For instance, put on a solid black shirt, solid black slacks, and a solid navy blue Nehru jacket.

Based on Style:
1. Long Nehru Jacket
This style of Nehru jacket is a little bit longer than the typical Nehru jackets we see. You can really experiment with length as long as it complements the rest of your outfit. If you decide to wear a longer jacket, be sure to dress in a vibrant dhoti-style pajama.

2. Coat Style Nehru Jacket
The Nehru jacket has no sleeves. The coat style Nehru jacket has the same design, but with sleeves. For a sophisticated look, use a matching shawl with a Nehru jacket. Instead of pajamas and boots, wear slacks and brogues.

3. Pro Nehru Jacket
The Nehru jacket is a good option for work or a formal occasion. Just make sure the jacket and pants are the same colour. Put on the jacket over a basic white shirt.

Based on Design:
1. Printed Nehru Jacket
A jacket with delicate prints looks stylish. To ensure that the prints are easily visible, make sure the jacket itself is a bright colour. Additionally, make sure the colour of the kurta and pajamas match.

2. Striped Nehru Jacket
You can choose between stripes that are horizontal or vertical. However, make sure the jacket is a vibrant colour. Beige is the best colour for the striped pattern to appear. Opt for a beige kurta and pajamas to go with it.

3. Floral Jacket
This Nehru jacket has huge floral patterns drawn on it. To further up your jacket game, pair it with a beautiful white shirt and jodhpuri pants.

The kurta pajama for men has been a widely preferred ensemble for formal occasions. An addition of bandi sets gives it a new and rich look. We have a vast collection of traditional and ethnic wear for men on our website – ‘Jiya by Veer Design Studio.’ So, head over to be mesmerised by the incredible options in men’s traditional wear.
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