All You Need To Know About Choosing the Most Appropriate Ethnic Look for Your Reception

kurta lehenga | Jiya by Veer Design Studio

If you are currently gearing up for your big wedding day, chances are that you already have a good idea of what it is you will be wearing for the ceremony, whether saree gowns or kurta sets for women. But it can be easy to consequently put less thought into what you will be sporting for the reception function that will follow.  To help ease the process of making your final decision for your reception ensemble, we at the Jiya by Veer Design Studio have put together a list of the main pointers you will need to remember.

What To Keep in Mind When Putting Together Your Reception Outfit

  • Picking a Style

Picking the base style of your ensemble for your reception event is the main decision you will have to make, as what you choose will end up playing a major part in the other choices you will eventually have to make with regard to things like colors, designs, fabrics, fits, and everything else. This choice could make or break how well you pull off the outfit as a whole. While you’re probably better off coordinating the styles with that of your bride, as is the case in most of the events which revolve around the wedding.  We recommend a traditional look, particularly princess gowns for Indian wedding reception, which will give off a more serious tone than what you choose to wear for the wedding ceremony.

  • Material

Another major factor that can make or break how good your reception outfit will look is the materials you choose to wear. Many seem to forget or downright ignore the importance of fabric when they are picking out an outfit, which is a huge mistake considering the difference fabric can make to the look and feel of the outfit. The fabric of the outfit determines whether you look stylish and bold, or boring and sorely lacking in the style department. If you’re donning a kurta, we recommend going for the classic material for a kurta - pure cotton. This will provide a superb blend of style and comfort.

  • Color and Design

This is arguably the main aspect where what you choose is what lets your personality and sense of style really shine through. Which is why your own personal preferences, style, body type and skin tones can play a part in your decision. You could also base your choice on the color and design of your bride’s outfit. You can choose to either match colors or patterns with your bride’s ensemble, or put together a contrasting look to that of your bride’s look.

  • Fit

After getting all of these details spot on, it would be a real shame to not get the right fit for your reception function outfit. Picking the perfect style, outfit pattern, fabric, and color and then getting the wrong fitting would just mean the wasted potential for your ensemble. So, it cannot be understated how pivotal the fit is to the overall look of the outfit and how well you can pull it off. If your outfit fits well and looks good on you, then you also get a lot more freedom with how you want to accessorize it, if at all.

Each of these aspects is incredibly vital to how you end up looking at your reception function, and it's all the more important to make sure that your ensemble does not fall out of sync with the outfit of your bride. Jiya by Veer Design Studio boasts a spectacular collection of ethnic wear for women and men, available in a myriad of colors, designs, and fabrics for you to choose from.
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