Awesome Tips To Style a Bridal Lehenga Set for Your Winter Wedding!

The luckiest brides are those who get married in the winter since they may simply select from a wide range of luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk and can play with a wide colour palette. We at Jiya by Veer Design Studio have the best winter designer lehenga for wedding wearing techniques for you right here. Although we understand that you are wary of the chilly winds, we encourage you to believe us, dear brides: these sensible winter lehenga ideas will not only ensure that you look stunning on your wedding day, but they will also keep you warm.

The Greatest Lehenga Styling Tips for Your Cosy Winter Wedding

  • Pick heftier materials

Choosing materials with a higher thread count may surely help you stay warm during a winter wedding event. Lehengas made of velvet or even thick silk are significantly more resistant to cold than sheer net lehengas. The best way to stay warm at a winter wedding is to use thicker fabrics. A thick silk or velvet dress is significantly more resistant to the cold than a sheer net lehenga. Browse and buy lehenga online from our online store for your upcoming winter wedding.

  • Wear a lehenga with a jacket or a scarf

A jacket is the perfect winter wedding item. It will keep you warm and add a dash of elegance to your appearance. You can also wear a long, bulky jacket-style blouse. You may also buy a very unique shawl with a lehenga. This combo will give this amazing ethnic wear for women a boost. It's as simple as pairing your lehenga with a jacket, gorgeous dupatta, or scarf.

  • Heavily embroidered winter lehengas

The majority of ladies seek rich embroidery on their bridal lehengas, but regrettably, they must give up on this wish during the summer since heavy embroidery is intolerable in the heat. The good news is that you can wear thick embroidery without difficulty in the winter.

  • Wear warm leggings underneath your lehenga

Under your open-flared lehenga, your legs will inevitably freeze due to the bitterly cold weather and howling winds. Wearing a pair of warm thermal leggings below your bottom is one of the greatest strategies to avoid it. It wouldn't add any weight to your wardrobe while providing you with much-needed warmth.

  • A Full-Sleeved Blouse for Your Winter Wedding

Make sure the sleeves on the shirt you're wearing are long enough if you can't tolerate windy conditions. Not only will these sleeves give you a more dazzling appearance, but they will also protect you from the cold. Our recommendation is to refrain from donning sleeves that are net or sheer. Heavy embroidery on your blouse's sleeves can help you protect yourself from the cold wind.

  • Choose a winter-friendly colour palette

Wearing hues with richer tones, such as burgundy, emerald green, royal blue, purple, and rust, is great for the colder seasons. You have a broad range of alternatives when arranging a winter wedding when it comes to more alluring colors. Choose the bold colours for your lehenga without hesitation on your special day. 

  • Wear a double dupatta

A double dupatta and a lehenga look lovely when worn together. You may also add an embroidered shawl to one of the dupattas on your winter lehenga. In addition to keeping you warm throughout the wedding, doing this will completely upgrade your look.

You'll stay warm on your wedding day thanks to these winter wedding lehenga styling ideas from Jiya by Veer Design Studio. While enjoying your significant day, dress chicly. The winter chills won't be able to stop you from being a fantastic bride!

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