Breathtaking Colour Combinations in Women’s Kurta Lehenga Sets That You Can Discover at Jiya by Veer Design Studio

kurta lehenga | Jiya by Veer Design Studio

A kurta lehenga is a truly amazing item of clothing in women’s ethnic fashion, and is a chic amalgamation of two stylish pieces in their own right. It is also surprisingly versatile, and tends to be a superb outfit choice for a range of occasions, whether they are festive, celebratory, or formal. The exquisite collection of kurta lehengas available at Jiya by Veer Design Studio is a work of art, and you can be sure to find something that suits your style and personality. This stunning item of women’s ethnic attire can be found in a variety of graceful color combinations at our store.

Just a Handful of the Many Kurta Lehenga Color Combinations Available at Jiya by Veer Design Studio

  • Peach and Maroon

Peach and maroon is an incredibly chic color combination for womens kurta lehengas, and it is one that is not used very often in ethnic clothing ensembles. The use of these rich tones which still do not appear too loud or out of place makes for an incredibly stylish look that shows off your sense of style. Peach is a superb color to flaunt a more gentle and feminine aura, and it is beautifully complemented by the depth and mysterious allure that maroon never fails to exude. This fantastic combination is also bound to look good for most settings and occasions, with the effortless balance that it showcases between the two colors. You may also browse for lehenga choli, anarkali dress, and readymade gown online and buy them according to your desired combinations.

  • Red and Orange

The combination of red and orange is a popular one in women’s ethnic fashion, with both shades showing off vibrance, class and a certain boldness. This blend is bound to turn heads and make hearts race, giving you an elegant ethnic outfit option to really make a statement. The power and daring energy of red always evokes an exciting effect when worn on ethnic clothing, and it also radiates an aura of confidence. Pairing this with the vibrance and warmth that is exuded with orange, you have a chic outfit that is sure to leave an impression.

  • Grey and Peach

Combining peach with gray on a kurta lehenga set is an incredibly sophisticated style choice, and it makes for a more understated look with no shortage of grace or style. This chic fusion of shades perfectly encapsulates the idea of ‘less is more’, with subtle flair and softer tones. Gray is a wonderful color which perhaps does not get the same appreciation in women’s fashion as it does in men’s clothing, with a classy sleek appearance and elegant finesse especially when used in the right fabric. Combining this with the gentle and warm hue that is peach, creates a wonderfully polished look with just the right amount of flair. 

  • Off-White and Gold

Off-white and gold when combined make for a timeless and luxurious fusion, and it is one that is guaranteed to look good on most skin tones and body types. Despite its relatively simplistic style, this combination of hues on a kurta lehenga exudes a vibe of opulence and regality. The reason it is such an incredible combination is thanks to the off- white shade, which makes for a fantastic base for gold, and balances out the ensemble’s overall appearance. It is a particularly superb ensemble for more high- profile and formal occasions.

The catalog of kurta lehengas at Jiya by Veer Design Studio is available in a range of designs, fabrics, and color combinations for you to choose from. Our extensive collection is bound to have something that is just perfect for you to buy lehenga online and give a try to combinations of different hues.
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