Heels or Flats: Know Which Is the Best Footwear for You Based on Your Bridal Outfit!

The choice between flats and heels is one that brides frequently struggle with when selecting footwear for their bridal attire. We, at Jiya by Veer Design Studio have the perfect guide for you to use as a reference when deciding what to wear with your lehenga, saree, gown, or anarkali dress for wedding events. If you have these key pieces of advice in mind while you choose the footwear to go with your bridal attire, it will be of great assistance.


  • With Lehenga

We advise you to pair your lehenga outfits with flat shoes. Typically, embellishments like embroidery make your wedding lehengas big and hefty, making it quite difficult to move around when wearing one. So it will be simpler for you to move if you forego the heels and don flats. Traditionally, juttis or Kolhapuri footwear are worn with your designer lehenga for wedding ceremonies. We at Jiya by Veer Design Studio boast a unique and extensive variety of lehengas for women.

  • Prioritize Comfort

Many people struggle to dance in heels, and understandably so. An Indian marriage ceremony is just not right without some dance. So you will probably be better off choosing flats if you are a woman who loves to dance at such ceremonies. Given that you would not want to trip over your lehenga while sporting thin heels, flats can be a real blessing.

  • Outfit Length

Forget about wearing heels if your dress or lehenga is on the shorter side in length, as heels can be a bit of a mismatch for shorter dresses. The catalog of ethnic dresses available at the Jiya by Veer Design Studio online store is simply to die for, with a huge array of materials, hues, and styles.


  • With Sarees

The saree is a wonderful piece of ethnic wear for women. But you might be assuming that managing heels while donning a saree is going to be challenging because dressing a saree is already so stressful. However, heels actually reinforce the folds of your saree. It gives the outfit some elevation, which lowers the risk of stumbling. Browse through our selection of fusion saree gowns available at the Jiya by Veer Design Studio online store.

  • Contemporary Look

If you are one of those women that simply adore heels, we would advise wearing them occasionally when you might have to sit for extended periods of time. For instance, wearing heels to your marriage ceremony might be appropriate. Due to your involvement in the wedding formalities and traditions, there will probably not be as much moving and dancing.

  • Outfit Length

As we already discussed, the length of the garment you choose to wear is crucial when choosing what to put on your feet. We would not want you to ruin your dress by scraping it on the floor. Therefore, if your dress is lengthy, it would be advisable to wear heels. If you choose to wear flats with a dress of a greater length, there is a much greater risk of you stumbling or tripping because of your garment.

So, this guide should help you make the best possible choice of footwear. Of course, it's very important to keep in mind that you stay true to yourself with regards to styles and letting your personality shine through your outfit. When it comes to bridal dresses, Jiya by Veer Design Studio’s online store has plenty of options for you to find a special outfit for your big day.

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