4 Exceptional Fabrics in Bandi Sets for Men That Blend Style With Comfort

The Bandi jacket, or Nehru jacket, is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing that has the ability to work with a number of different attire options. It can work in an ensemble as a modern kurta pajama with jacket for wedding, but it would also look just as stylish in a range of other settings. We have a wide variety of men’s Bandi sets available at Jiya by Veer Design Studio’s online store. In this guide, we will be going through some of the best fabrics you choose for your bandi sets, making sure you can stay well informed on how to get the maximum style and comfort in your outfit.

Some Exceptional Fabrics For Your Bandi Sets

  • Silk Bandi Set

Add a dash of luxury and elegance with a silk bandi set for your wedding outfit to set a bold and trendy look. Wearing your silk bandi set to a celebration in the nighttime events will look fantastic. You can look sharp wearing it to a Sangeet ritual as well. The allure of your outfit will only be heightened by tastefully adding some complementary accessories.  Such a luxurious style of bandi jacket would also look classy and charming when paired with a sherwani for men. When it comes to silk, the time of year does not matter, and it can be worn in both the summertime and the winter. The fabric’s breathability and longevity is a huge factor that contributes to its popularity.

  • Polyester Bandi Set

At a Mehndi or Sangeet, a Bandi set made of polyester is likely to receive as much praise as the bride herself. The groomsmen can also wear ones that are embroidered or patterned, and you then have the opportunity to have a stylish groom comrade picture session. Fortunately, these bandi sets are typically quite lightweight. They also make for a sound purchase as they are also highly durable and simple for you to maintain over time. Browse our incredible catalog of bandi sets for men at Jiya by Veer Design Studio’s website.

  • Cotton Bandi Set

You can select a patterned cotton Bandi set for any wedding celebrations and show it off at settings such as Mehndi rituals. Select hues that stand out in contrast to the vibrant Mehndi design. A kurta pajama, trouser, tweed pants, chino pants, or even denim pants look fantastic with a good cotton bandi jacket. Cotton is the ideal fabric for summer events since it offers the maximum level of comfort and gives a very comfy look.

  • Khadi Bandi Set

The khadi bandi set is quickly rising to the top of the list of preferences for ethnic wear for men. Despite the fact that this material is not typically thought of for nuptial ceremonies, you may be best rewarded by selecting a look that is a little more out-of-the-box than your standard style. It displays fun while still being as fashionable as possible with the bandi set. This is a stellar choice of outfit, and does true justice to the importance of the ceremony you are dressing for.

The bandi set is truly a gift to men’s ethnic wear, giving you countless combinations while providing style and comfort. We at Jiya by Veer Design Studio hold great in our wonderful collection of ethnic wear for men, and that includes our dazzling bandi sets. This guide should be the perfect starting point to help you pick the best suited bandi set materials. Browse our online store to check out our diverse array of debonair men’s ethnic wear.
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