Glamorous Accessories to Pair With Saree Gowns

Although trends come and go, your sense of style endures. It is the most essential thing that every person needs when wearing a designer saree party wear. Or, for that matter, a lehenga saree, an Indo-western kurta, or any other fashion. The best stylish accessories will take your look to the next level!

Sarees and gowns have undergone several modifications, all of which are magnificent. We at Jiya by Veer Design Studio have an assortment of saree gowns you would love to add to your wardrobe. Well, saree gowns come in various designs, but accessories also play a role in completing your get-up. Choose a saree gown, then showcase your take on fashion and style with the best fashion accessories! The right accessories enhance your entire style with grace and charm.

Unique Accessories To Pair With Saree Gowns

  • Maang tikka 

Your face will appear even more mature with the assistance of maang tikka's feminine characteristics. Be a bit wild while selecting from the many sorts that are offered in lovely shapes and styles. From single-tier matha pattis to triple-layer maang tikkas, you may get them all as per your choice. There are several different kinds of maang tikkas, including passa for a princess-like feel and multi-tiered mattha pattis. 

If you want to be the elegantly daring bride of the evening, you can also choose large maang tikkas. You may also choose Borla, a Rajasthani maang tikka, if you enjoy the heavy design approach that is popular in western India. Opt for side matha tikka, half matha patti, or side-swept style matha patti to steal the Nawabi appearance, which will substantially create the majestic look.

  • Bindi 

Red bindis are among a bride's most noticeable accessories. This gives your traditional saree gown or even the latest engagement dresses for bride the greatest appearance. There are many different sorts and shapes of bindis available in the market, whether they are big or small. If you have a saree gown and want to enhance its appearance, wear a matching bindi in the same hue. A medium-sized golden bindi is another option; it looks great with saree gowns. Since a bindi is a symbol of a woman's power and vitality, it is often used in fashion presentations that feature traditional clothing.

  • Nose ring 

A nathni, or nose ring, may drastically change your appearance in no time, and if you want to have a new look right away, go for a designer nathni that is both cool and stylish. You may choose from delicate nose pins, large or embellished nose rings, or loosely hanging nathnis depending on the size of your face. Choose a nose ring with stones linked to it if your face is petite. Your face will seem fuller thanks to this method, which may eliminate the need for another over-the-top item.

  • Armlet 

The Baaju Band is one of the most popular options for Bengali and South Indian weddings since it may make your arm appear large and sophistically decorated. You may choose from elegant to lavishly embellished styles, depending entirely on your body type. 

Apart from these accessories, you can choose to adorn your selected necklaces, bangles and earrings. Not just on a saree gown, but these accessories can enhance your look on other ensembles as well like modern gharara sharara dress, lehengas, kurta sets, etc. Conversely, you can also surf through our collection at Jiya by Veer Design Studio to take your outfit pick and match it with your beloved jewellery!

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