Gorgeous Pink Lehenga Shades for Indian Brides

While we admire the brides who embrace and try out new ideas and designs in designer lehenga for wedding and are always on the lookout for new unconventional trends, we still like and have a thing for classic things, and this time we are talking about the colour pink. Bridal pink is the hue that most captivates our hearts because of its many tones. Pink is recognized to be a delicate and innocent hue that offers a sense of warmth and security. Different pink hues evoke and reflect various feelings in us, all of which are pleasant ones. We at Jiya by Veer Design Studio understand your taste in pink and have curated our assemblage just the way you will like it!

Shades of Pink For Your Wedding Lehenga

The other hues of pink contain a little number of other colours, whereas the real pink colour is a combination of red and white. Before determining which colour to choose for your bridal attire, there are a few factors to consider. Lighter pink hues, such as salmon pink and lemonade pink, depict childhood, nurturing, and sweetness, in contrast to darker pink hues, such as magenta and hot pink, which are connected with love, passion, and vigour. The second query is how much pink do you want to incorporate into your attire. So, in order to assist the upcoming brides, we at Jiya by Veer Design Studio present a list of a few pink hues that you might like to consider.

  • Rose pink 

The colour rose is one of the prettiest pink hues in ethnic wear for women. This pink tint is ideal for you if you're considering going with a lighter hue but don't want to go too far from the actual pink. This hue is associated with grace and elegance.

  • Fuschia pink 

A lovely option for women who like to maintain things traditional with a dash of modernity is a fuschia-coloured wedding lehenga. And of all the colours, this is one of the nicest combinations of red and purple since it makes a bridal lehenga look sensual while still appearing relaxed and comfortable.

  • Blush pink 

Which bride wouldn't want to feel like they were in a fairytale on their wedding day? Choosing blush pink would undoubtedly give you that feeling. Blush pink manages to win people over without exerting too much effort. Each person falls in love with the hue because it is so innocent and pure in itself.

  • Flamingo pink 

Because flamingos are among the most exquisite birds that nature has to offer, their pink hue serves as a symbol of nature's beauty and serves as a reminder to respect both the beauty and the roughness of the natural world. Consequently, picking this hue of pink for a daytime nuptial in a countryside setting would be excellent.

  • Salmon pink 

Even though salmon pink is a common hue of pink, it's ideal for a destination wedding. You can notice that the hue is more on the orangeish side than the red like the previously described colours since it is a combination of pink with a tinge of orange. Similar to the Flamingo, this salmon-coloured pink tint is called after the eponymous fish.

These are a few pink hues that are now highly popular and are not likely to go out of style very soon. It all depends on the ratio of the colours and how many colours you are combining to create that exact pink hue that fits your mood and personality, so feel free to browse for alternative shades. Pink is undoubtedly a popular hue that is associated with femininity, but its popularity is still strong and it isn't going anywhere any time soon. Go whole pink or half, as long as it matches your taste since now that we are aware of how many colours there are, there is still a great number available for you to discover and create from Jiya by Veer Design Studio’s assortment right from lehengas to party wear gown for women and much more.
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