Unconventional Jewellery Options for Your Ivory and Gold Lehenga Set

Since the days when you would only wear a red lehenga on your D-Day are long gone, ivory and gold lehengas have become the talk of the town. This lehenga always appears brilliant as ever and unquestionably adds all the glitz to a bride's look, whether it be for the reception or the sangeet. We at Jiya by Veer Design Studio have curated our ethnic wear for women assortment with ivory and gold lehengas in a plethora of designs and embellishments that are sure to catch your heart! While everyone is aware of the appropriate jewellery to wear with a classic red or pink lehenga, finding jewellery to pair with this lehenga is frequently a challenge. But don't worry, if you're a bride-to-be who wants to wear this lovely colour combination, we have several jewellery alternatives for you!


Jewellery Options for Ivory and Gold Lehenga Set

  • Emerald Set in Gold

The discussion about wedding jewellery would be lacking without a mention of gold. Gold and emerald are among the most conventional colour combos. It is liked since it complements both light and dark-toned ivory lehengas. A well-chosen gold and ivory bridal lehenga may be accentuated by a multitude of methods to match various coloured emeralds with gold.

  • Kundan set

The gorgeous Kundan set and ivory bridal lehengas are classic pairs that go perfectly together. All eyes will be on the brides who go for monochromatic lehengas for their wedding ceremony and select a translucent and shimmering Kundan set to go with it. Simple and understated Kundan is a timeless option for your special day.

  • Diamond Set

One can never go wrong when purchasing a diamond. A modern preference for those who choose to avoid the repetitive golden colours and choose a silver diamond set has been quite successful. Diamonds elegantly accentuate your outfit's magnificence, leaving little place for further items. Ideal for people who believe that little is more in terms of style.

  • Choker Set

Choker sets are the best choice to accentuate your neckline and have recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity for weddings. For women who choose to layer up a few additional pieces of jewellery on their wedding day, pairing a choker with an ivory gold lehenga will provide volume to the overall ensemble. A prominent accessory might be chosen by the bride who loves to wear simply to quickly glam up her look. It looks fantastic and raises the ‘wow’ factor in either situation.

  • Meenakari Set

Meenakari sets are a gorgeous amalgamation of gold and colours that have dominated the jewellery market for years and are still popular with today's youth. A traditional but stunning accent that will honour the regal quality of your ivory gold lehenga is a meenakari set.

  • Polki and Pearl Set

Pearls and Polki, a modern take on traditional Jadau jewellery, is the newest addition to bridal jewellery sets. The pearl and palki combination looks stunning and gives your ivory gold lehenga a wonderful, soft tone. This will also be an ideal pair on your princess gowns for Indian wedding reception apart from lehengas.

Finding the ideal bridal jewellery set for ivory gold lehengas might be tricky, but now that you are aware of all of your possibilities, you can pursue the royal appearance you like for your wedding day. Besides just ivory gold lehengas, we at Jiya by Veer Design Studio house lehengas in different shades, styles, and embellishments like the party wear traditional crop top lehenga, net lehenga sets, etc.
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